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CBD Isolate

The Natural Hemp Company are the UK’s leading distributor of CBD isolate from PharmaHemp. Pure and natural CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol oil, in the form of drops. In addition to isolate drops, we also offer CBD isolate crystals with upwards of 99 percent purity. Our CBD isolate is sourced from the highest quality hemp plants, derived using CO2 extraction to create the purest cannabidiol. It allows us to boast some of the best CBD products available.

CBD Isolate Oil


Cannabidiol comes in a huge range of different forms, but our drops are created using CBD isolate oil.

How Isolate is Made


This oil is derived from the hemp plant, which is the same plant that can also be used to produce hemp protein powders, hemp seeds and cannabis. The plants used to create our CBD isolate are grown in controlled, organic conditions in Slovenia and Croatia -- regions whose climates are perfect for producing the best hemp plants. Once they have grown, a team of specialist harvesters handpick only the highest quality crop.


The hemp plants then undergo a rigorous and highly controlled extraction procedure. This is done in regulated conditions to make sure the purity of the isolate is never compromised. Our CBD isolate is created using CO2 extraction. This method maintains high concentrations of cannabidiols, ensuring that CBD oil from the Natural Hemp Company contains the full range of cannabidiols to maximise all the benefits associated with CBD.


Once the CBD isolate has been made it can then be fused into other CBD products, creating high quality CBD oil, drops and the other options available in our range.


CBD Isolate vs Cannabis


While both CBD and cannabis are derived from the hemp plant, their extraction method varies greatly and they come from different parts of the plant. CBD is a safe and legal method of incorporating cannabidiol into your health routine.


Unlike cannabis, CBD has trace amounts of the chemical that causes the hallucinogenic effects associated with cannabis, THC. It means that while cannabis causes you to become high, CBD does not. You get all the benefits of cannabidiol in a legal and safe fashion.


CBD is appropriate for frequent, daily and ongoing use.

CBD Isolate UK


The Natural Hemp Co are providers of CBD isolate UK, being the UK’s main distributor of PharmaHemp products.


CBD isolate is completely legal in the UK, but we do provide discreet packaging to protect your privacy when buying one of our isolate products.


We also happily ship worldwide. The Natural Hemp Company are not responsible for checking whether CBD is legal in your country. If you’re unsure, check with local governmental guidance documents.


Isolate CBD Crystals


In addition to isolate drops, we also offer isolate crystals. These are a pure form of CBD that provides over 99% cannabidiol. We recommend CBD in crystal form for those more experienced with using cannabidiol isolate as it can be harder to use for those just starting out with cannabidiol.


Isolate Benefits


There are numerous benefits associated with CBD and isolate is one of the purest forms, maximising the possible benefits you’ll experience from using our CBD oil products.


Leading research suggests CBD isolate has any benefits. These include aiding relief from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Arthritis
  • Heart Disease
  • Cancer


How to Use CBD Isolate

Our CBD isolate drops are simple to use as they come with a pipette built into the container. Simply drop the isolate liquid underneath your tongue, using the number of drops that your body requires. If you’re just beginning to use CBD isolate, begin with just one drop and increase if you don’t experience any benefits.


Dripping under the tongue is the most common way to take CBD isolate drops, but they can also be added to water if you prefer.

CBD Isolate

If you’re looking for a quality CBD isolate, then the Natural Hemp Company can help. We offer organic, vegan isolate to provide you with natural cannabidiol to incorporate into your health routine.

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